Eduardo Abela’s Carnaval Infantíl, the work that first alerted Miami gallerist Ramón Cernuda to the possibility of the theft.
Courtesy Cernuda Arte

Last Wednesday, February 26, the Cuban-American blog Café Fuerte broke the news of a major art theft from an off-site storage space for the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Here’s how the story has unfolded so far–and where it’s appeared in the global media.

Wednesday, February 26

The original story appears in Café Fuerte. “Dozens of works are missing,” an anonymous source in Havana is quoted as saying. “Most are vanguardia pieces,” by artists from the early to mid-20th century. According to the source in Havana, “at least two dealers in Miami reported seeing works by Cuban painter Leopoldo Romañach (1862-1951), pieces which began to circulate in the South Florida market recently.”

Thursday, February 27

One of those dealers is gallerist and vanguardia expert Ramón Cernuda of Cernuda Arte. In an interview with the Miami Herald, Cernuda talks about his realization that stolen works were being offered in Miami, and how he came to alert the Museo Nacional authorities.

An English translation of the Café Fuerte story appears on the website Havana Times.

Friday, February 28

Café Fuerte posts a statement by Cuban officials confirming the theft.

A Spanish-language version of the Miami Herald story appears in the paper’s sister publication, El Nuevo Herald.

And in Diario de Cuba.

Meanwhile, the original Miami Herald article is picked up by other news organizations, websites, and blogs. The Associated Press and Reuters publish articles, which are also picked up, and other websites publish their own versions of the story.

Some examples:


Chicago Tribune

NBC News

South China Morning Post

Daily Mail, UK

New Zealand Herald


Saturday, March 1

An English-language translation of the second Café Fuerte post, confirming the theft, is published on Havana Times.

And additional Spanish-language versions appeared over the weekend, on the island and abroad:

Martínoticias, Cuba

Trabajadores, Cuba

BBC Mundo, UK

El Periódico, Spain