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星期五, 5 3 月, 2021

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A Selection of Our Past Stories

Saving the Surfaces: Rosa Lowinger on Cuba’s Facades & Decorative Finishes

From baroque to midcentury modern to eclectico cubano, many of the island’s historic structures are embellished with decorative features and integral artworks. In an article adapted from the Getty Conservation Institute newsletter, Rosa Lowinger talks about steps being taken to preserve some of the most visible elements of Cuba’s architectural patrimony.

Photo Walk-Through: Cuban Artists in The Illusive Eye

At El Museo del Barrio in New York, The Illusive Eye takes its inspiration from a 1965 show at MoMA about Op art and related movements. But this time, the emphasis is on Latin America—and Cuban artists are part of the mix.

In Conversation: Curator Elvis Fuentes, Part 3

In Part 2 of our conversation, Caribbean: Crossroads of the World project director Elvis Fuentes talked about some of the themes in the show and how Cuban works helped to illuminate them. He also spoke about what makes an artwork Cuban, on and off the island. Here, Elvis talks about race, racial identity, and history in contemporary Cuban art.

Preview: 2016 Havana Film Festival New York

Close to 20 Cuban productions and co-productions anchor an ambitious schedule of features, documentaries, and short subjects from Latin America and the Caribbean. Entries from the island range from film noir to children’s animation, plus tributes to Isabel Santos, Enrique Molina, and Titón—and a sneak preview of Viva.

Photo Walk-Through: Amanecer at Galería Habana

We normally think of Havana’s Galería Habana as a sedate, “white cube” space, where individual works of art are hung on the walls or installed on plinths, with identifying labels discreetly posted nearby. For Amanecer, his solo show and “intervention,” emerging artist Pablo Rosendo had other ideas.

Cuban Art Awards: Behind the Scenes

Last week, we ran the Farber Foundation press release announcing the winners of the first international Cuban Art Awards. Here’s a closer look at the event—the presenters, the winners, and the celebration after.

20th Havana Film Festival New York

Cuban films in this year’s HFFNY focus on struggles to prove innocence, musical tributes, and homages to film director Fernando Pérez and to principal dancer Carlos Acosta--plus a celebration of Havana’s 500th anniversary.

Preview: Cuban Forever at the Pizzuti Collection

This weekend, collector Ron Pizzuti’s new museum opens in Columbus, Ohio—and with it, a show of contemporary Cuban art and more in the sculpture garden. Here’s a sneak preview of Cuban art at the Pizzuti Collection.

Brooklyn… The New Havana?

Why is the Cuban municipality of Manzanillo producing so many of the island’s strongest young artists? And how did four of them (plus two habaneros) end up in Brooklyn? Elvia Rosa Castro muses on the long-ago difficulties of getting a residency abroad, the pioneering work of the Cuban Artists Fund, and the Cubans who came to Brooklyn this spring.


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