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星期一, 24 1 月, 2022

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A Selection of Our Past Stories

Summer Heat: Mendive in the Bronx, Poblet in Havana, Domenech in...

The Bronx Museum of the Arts welcomes its new director as curators install the Manuel Mendive exhibition, opening tonight. Mabel Poblet floats through Galería Habana, Alejandro Anreus lectures in Coral Gables, and Teresita Fernández prepares an installation for Harvard University.

Update: Fors Debuts in Miami, Los Carpinteros in Majorca, and Pérez...

Eighties Generation artist José Manuel Fors arrives in Miami for his first show there, Los Carpinteros send a pretzel-shaped bed to Majorca, William Pérez and Marlys Fuego explore New York, and "Delirio Habanero" hits Miami--tonight.

Exhibition Focus: Waiting for the Idols to Fall

Is contemporary Cuban art fixated on a handful of familiar icons that represent “lo cubanidad”? Is it taboo to depict the “historic leaders” of the Revolution in artistic practice? Does a current reading of “lo cubanidad” demand new symbols—or any symbols at all? Orlando Hernández, co-curator of Waiting for the Idols to Fall, shares his thought-provoking exhibition essay with Cuban Art News.

Blinded by the Light: Alicia Alonso and American Photographers

Throughout her long career, Cuban prima ballerina Alicia Alonso has been an object of fascination for American photographers—not only for the grace of her body in motion and in stillness, but for her innate capacity to interact with the camera.

Auction Report: Mariano’s Gallos Take Flight, New Records Set

As predicted, it was a hot week for Cuban art, with record-breaking figures achieved by several artists in the Latin American sales. Much of the action focused on “Cuba Moderna: Masterworks from a Private Collection,” the sale-within-a-sale in the Christie’s auction, but there were surprises at Phillips and Christie's too.

Photo Walk-Through: Yoán Capote’s Open Mind at Nuit Blanche, Toronto

Earlier this fall, we wrote about five Cuban artists participating in Nuit Blanche, the annual dusk-to-dawn art event in Toronto. Yoán Capote takes us through the creative process behind Open Mind, 2014, his outdoor installation for Nuit Blanche.

A Laughing Matter: Caridad Blanco on Cuban Humor

La Ubre del Humor (The Udder of Humor), an exhibition of graphic humor, was presented in Havana this spring. Curator Caridad Blanco de la Cruz talks about the show—and Cuban humor in general—with Abelardo Mena, her collaborator on a forthcoming project.

Opening This Weekend: Adiós Utopia

This weekend, Adiós Utopia: Dreams and Deceptions in Cuban Art Since 1950 opens at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. By way of a preview, we open our coverage with the complete lists of artists in the show—a multigenerational roster whose works span close to 70 years of Cuban art and history.

Ernesto Javier Fernández: A Photographer in Black and White

In an afternoon of conversation, Ernesto Javier Fernández—himself the son of noted photographer Ernesto Fernández—talks about photography in Cuba through the generations, and his installation in the recent Havana Biennial, with Lianet Hernández.


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