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A Selection of Our Past Stories

Corina Matamoros: “Cuban Art Is So Strong”

Corina Matamoros, curator of contemporary Cuban art at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Havana, was in New York recently as part of a Rubin Foundation fellowship. Cuban Art News caught up with her for a wide-ranging conversation about Cuban art, New York City, and why she wishes art were more like baseball.

Summer in Havana: 4 Shows at the Museo Nacional

The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes is buzzing this season, with new and upcoming shows that include a centennial salute to Cundo Bermúdez, close to 100 prints by Salvador Dalí, a 10th-anniversary print show celebrating the Hispanoamerican Cultural Center, and a show of work by nine African-American artists, along with the artists themselves.

Bienal Snapshot: Glexis Novoa, Emptiness

In the first of our Bienal close-ups, we focus on the Miami- and Havana-based artist’s contribution to this year’s Detrás del muro (Behind the Wall)—a meditation on history, contemporary realities, and the subtle art of guiding viewers through a space.

At ABMB: “The New Role of Art in Cuba”

Before a capacity crowd at Art Basel Miami Beach, artists Carlos Garaicoa and Glenda León, curator Stéphane Aquin, and moderator Iliana Cepero Amador pursued a thought-provoking conversation on art and Cuba.

Update: Arrechea in São Paulo, Garaicoa in Houston, and Double Dulzaides...

Angela Valella opens in Miami, a long-awaited San Alejandro reunion takes place in South Florida, Enrique Martínez Celaya opens in New York, and Cuban photography comes to the AIPAD show. A Yiddish-Cuban opera premieres in Havana, the play 10 Million comes to New York, and the Havana New York Film Festival kicks off with a preview and party in the Bronx.

Bienal Snapshot: Between, Inside, Outside

At the Cuban Pavilion, a pair of curators encouraged Cuban, Cuban-born, and foreign artists to bring fresh thinking to the idea of art as a mechanism of cultural, social, and economic exchange. The results ranged from video installations to a short-term cottage industry.

Julio Larraz: “This is the golden time for Cuban art”

On the eve of his recent gallery opening in Chelsea, Julio Larraz met with Cuban Art News publisher Howard Farber for a second, wide-ranging conversation. On the agenda: art, collecting, sources of inspiration, and the “imaginative, powerful, awe-inspiring” work of contemporary Cuban artists.

“Hasta cierto Titón:” A New Look at Tomás Gutiérrez Alea

Film historian Juan Antonio Borrero talks with Cuban Art News about the internationally acclaimed filmmaker—Titón to his friends—and the challenges of writing a biography that captures the director, his work, and his personal contradictions.

Cuba in the Bronx: “Revolution Not Televised”

In support of New York’s biggest show of the summer—Caribbean: Crossroads of the World, on view in three museums—the Bronx Museum of the Arts draws on the strengths of its own collection, and generous lenders, to throw an invigorating spotlight on contemporary Cuban art.


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