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A Selection of Our Past Stories

Update: Esquivel in Salamanca, Los Carpinteros in London, Garaicoa Coming to...

Three solo shows highlight the spring art season in Europe, classic Cuban cinema screens in Brooklyn, Cuban baseball art comes to a U.S. bat factory, and a retrospective of films by Ana Mendieta appears on the horizon.

Bienal Snapshot: Alexandre Arrechea’s “El rostro de la nación”

As part of the exhibition "Obsessions and Accumulations: The Cabinet of the Artist," Arrechea premiered the latest in his explorations of African-inspired abstract masks.

Exhibition Walk-Through: Adonis Flores at Galería Habana

Earlier this month, Adonis Flores: Malos Pasos (Missteps) closed at Havana’s Galería Habana. Here’s a quick photo walk-through of the exhibition—including one of the most memorable artworks to appear during the soccer-mad World Cup season.

Bruguera at the Guggenheim: Art, Activism, and 10,000 Postcards to the...

As part of the public programs for the exhibition Under the Same Sun: Art from Latin America Today, Tania Bruguera recently spoke about her work in a conversation with U.S. performance artist Karen Finley. Here are a few of the highlights from the discussion.

Summer in Havana: 4 Shows at the Museo Nacional

The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes is buzzing this season, with new and upcoming shows that include a centennial salute to Cundo Bermúdez, close to 100 prints by Salvador Dalí, a 10th-anniversary print show celebrating the Hispanoamerican Cultural Center, and a show of work by nine African-American artists, along with the artists themselves.

November = Photography in Havana

It’s not every city that turns itself over to photography on an annual basis, but Havana has been hosting Noviembre Fotográfico for more than a decade. As the month draws to a close, Lidia Hernández Tapía looks at some of the notable exhibitions and events.

Exhibition Walk-Through: Alexandre Arrechea, The Seductiveness of the Fragment

As it heads into its final weeks, we catch up with Arrechea’s La seducción del fragmento / The Seductiveness of the Fragment, a mix of sculpture, large-scale watercolors, and other works.

In Conversation: Rubén Torres Llorca

In a chat with Rafael DiazCasas, the artist talks about his approach to artmaking, his ongoing exchange with the viewer, and his current exhibition in Miami.

VIDEO: Picadillo, the New York Times, and Nitza Villapol

Last week, the New York Times published a recipe for picadillo, calling it “the ultimate Cuban comfort food.” The accompanying article cited Nitza Villapol as a picadillo starting-point, describing her as “the closest thing Cuba has had to a Julia Child.” That sent us on a hunt for more about Nitza, including a video.


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