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Изобразительное искусство

Miami Art Week 2019 – Cuban Art at the Fairs

Next week, the international art world descends on Miami for a nonstop whirl of fairs, exhibitions, and events, anchored by Art Basel Miami Beach. We preview the top spots for Cuban art and artists at this year’s fairs.

It’s Creative, It’s Fresh, It’s Still Undervalued: Cuban Contemporary Art

With the fall auction season underway, we take a discerning look at 6 contemporary Cuban artists in a global art market. For seasoned international collectors and newcomers alike, here are artists with solid potential for growth.

One More Time: Los Carpinteros on Their New Exhibition in Washington DC

In summer 2018, Dagoberto Rodríguez and Marco Castillo—the acclaimed artmaking duo Los Carpinteros—announced the dissolution of the group. But last month, Los Carpinteros returned with Cuba Va! in Washington DC. In a pair of email interviews, Rodríguez and Castillo talk about Los Carpinteros, Cuba Va!, and their own recent and upcoming projects.

Barron’s Finds Opportunities in Contemporary Cuban Art

A recent article published by the US financial weekly Barron’s identifies last May’s auctions as “a watershed moment for Cuban art.”

Report from Havana: Printmaking and the “State of the Art”

Our recent chat with curator Cristina Vives about the increased international interest in Belkis Ayón reminded us of the important role that printmaking has played in contemporary Cuban art. We asked Steven Daiber—director of the US-based print organization Red Trillium Press and a longtime friend of the Cuban printmaking community—for a report on his most recent trip to the island.