Sunday evening, April 14, the third edition of “Detrás del Muro” (Behind the Wall) opened on Havana’s famed seawall promenade, the Malecón.

Some of the works that we previewed earlier this year took shape exactly as planned, while others continued to undergo changes and adaptations.

Young habaneros interacting with “Transfusion,” 2019, the installation by Arles del Río.
Photo Cuban Art News

“Transfusion,” the installation by Arles del Río, was one of the works that closely followed its original concept. The colorful, high-pressure water hoses were an immediate kid magnet, and one of the afternoon’s biggest crowd-pleasers.

Detrás del Muro work by Alejandro Pinero being installed on the Prado. Pnoto Cuban Art News

Another crowd-pleaser was Alejandro Piñero’s installation on the Prado. It was still being installed as the exhibition opened, but that didn’t stop people from interacting with it immediately.

Ariamna Contino and Alex Hernández, “Laboratorio,” 2019. Photo Cuban Art News

“Laboratorio,” a sculpture by Ariamna Contino and Alex Hernández, also attracted onlookers, including several who wanted to touch (and taste) the crystals of salt on its surface.

Views of Enrique Martínez Celaya, “El trineo,” 2019. Photo Cuban Art News
Views of Enrique Martínez Celaya, “El trineo,” 2019. Photo Cuban Art News

Cuban-born US artist Enrique Martínez Celaya presented his first project on the island. “El trineo” underwent substantial change since its original sketches, but the golden sleigh—a symbol of the unknown North—remained the core of the project.

Close-up detail of “The Sugar House,” 2019, by Ennrique Martínez Celaya. Photo Cuban Art News. Photo Cuban Art News

In a brief interview during the opening, Martínez Celaya pointed out that the sleigh was assembled from odds and ends—an important part of the original vision—including a dreamlike selection of old toys and household objects.

Carlos Martiel performing in the opening of “Detrás del Muro,” April 14, 2019. Photo Cuban Art News

Carlos Martiel’s performance work drew a respectful and interested audience.

Installation by Roberto Diago for “Detrás del Muro”2019. Photo Cuban Art News

The Roberto Diago sculpture, which we previewed on Facebook during its installation, was a striking presence on the Malecón.

Lianet Martínez Pino, “Alud,” 2019. Photo Cuban Art News

We also previewed “Alud,” the sculpture by Lianet Martínez Pino, as it was being installed. Here it is in completed form, with the “Si/No” note by artist Eduardo Ponjuan prominently featured.

Wall of boom boxes, Sculpture by Eduardo Ponjuan. Photo Cuban Art News

Ponjuan himself contributed a sculpture evoking a wall of boom boxes. The piece continues a theme he has been exploring in recent years, of outdated audio media, including cassette tapes and vinyl records.

José Angel Vincench, “Homage to Action Painting,” 2019. Photo Cuban Art News

As in past editions of “Detrás del Muro,” artists made interesting use of architecture. José Angel Vincench used the wall of a Malecón exit ramp for his homage to action painters: explosions of gold paint on a pristine white background.

Juan Andrés Milanés, “Potemkin Village,” 2019. Photo Cuban Art News

Cuban-Norwegian artist Juan Andrés Milanés leaned a massive facade piece against the Detrás del Muro building on the Malecón. The title, hand-written on the label, is “Potemkin Village.”

View of “Adentro,” 2019, by Elio Jesús. Photo Cuban Art News

With “Adentro” (Inside), Elio Jesús transformed the facade of a building on the Malecón.

Detail of “Adentro,” 2019, by Elio Jesús. Photo Cuban Art News

The work consists of pieces of white paper rolled into cones and inserted into holes in the facade.

“Detrás del Muro” remains on view through May 12. Selected works will remain on view through the fall, as part of the celebration for the 500th anniversary of Havana.

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