Next week, the international art world will make Miami its headquarters, ushering in a hectic round of fairs, exhibitions, and events anchored by Art Basel Miami Beach.

Here’s our guide to some of the top spots for Cuban art and artists at this year’s fairs.

Notable for 2018: Solo exhibitions for Alexandre Arrechea at Art Basel, for Armando Mariño at Pulse, and Humberto Díaz at Pinta, plus a growing roster of artists and galleries at Art Miami.

Participating Havana art spaces include Galería La Acacia at Art Miami, Estudio Arte Contemporáneo at Context Art Miami, NG Art at Scope, and El Apartamento at Untitled.

Almost all fairs open with invitation-only and VIP previews, often the night before the official opening. For details, check the websites for the individual fairs.

A work by Julio Larraz, on view at Galería de Arte Ascaso in Art Miami
Courtesy Art Miami


Tuesday, December 4–Sunday, December 9

Along with its sister fair, Context Art Miami, this year Art Miami has a new location: the Miami Herald site on Biscayne Bay.

As always, Art Miami is a top spot for Cuban art, with 11 galleries showing Cuban artists this year—up from nine in 2017.

Galería La Acacia (StandAM101) is showing work by Douglas Argüelles and Jorge Wellesley. As they did last year, Andreas Binder Gallery (AM441) is presenting work by Ariamna Contino, and so is Miami’s Durban Segnini Gallery (AM209).

Artscape Lab (AM104) is showcasing Carlos Estévez, and both Galería de Arte Ascaso (AM210b) and Galería La Cometa (AM428) have works by Julio Larraz.

Pavel Acosta and María Magdalena Campos-Pons are among the artists featured by Bernice Steinbaum Gallery (AM523).

Galerie Francesco Vangelli De Cresci (AM305) has works by Agustín Cárdenas and Wifredo Lam.

Cárdenas and Lam are also among the artists showcased by Cernuda Arte (AM212). The Cernuda roster also includes Roberto Fabelo, Manuel Mendive, Tomás Sánchez, and Vicente Hernández, among others.

Roberto Fabelo, «Gótico habanero (Havana Gothic),» 2017, at Cernuda Arte
Courtesy Art Miami

At Pan American Art Projects (AM200), the list includes Gustavo Acosta, Ariamna Contino, José Manuel Fors, Raúl Martínez, and Sandra Ramos.

Tresart (AM230) will feature Zilia Sánchez, Tomás Sánchez, Amelia Peláez, and Raúl Martínez, among others.


Tuesday, December 4–Sunday, December 9

532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel (Stand C218) showcases work by Elio Rodríguez, José Vincench, Gustavo Acosta, and Carlos Rodríguez Cárdenas.

José Ángel Vincench, «Sociedad Civil,» 2018, at 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel
Courtesy 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel

Havana-based Estudio Arte Contemporáneo (Stand C317) will show work by Rubén Alpízar.


Tuesday, December 4–Sunday, December 9

The photo-based art of Jorge Otero will be presented by Havana- and Panama City–based NG Art. 

Jorge Otero, «Pensamiento histórico,» 2013, at NG Art at Scope
Courtesy NG Art


Wednesday, December 5–Sunday, December 9

At Pinta, Latin Art Core will include work by Carmen Herrera. PM Art Projects will showcase works by Humberto Díaz.

Building Bridges Art Exchange is presenting work by Ángel Delgado and Antuan Rodríguez. Eduardo Lira Art Gallery has photo-based works by Ernesto Javier Fernández Zalacain.

Ernesto Javier Fernández Zalacain, «En Dior Confiamos/In Dior We Trust,» 2018
Courtesy Pinta Miami

Elsewhere around Pinta, look for work by Eduardo Roca Salazar (Choco), Gustavo Pérez Monzón, and Alcides Toledo.


Thursday, December 6–Sunday, December 9

At Untitled, look for El Apartamento (Stand A44), where the roster includes Arlés del Río, Leandro Feal, Diana Fonseca, Orestes Hernández, Reynier Leyva Novo, Luis E. López-Chavez, and José Manuel Mesias.

At Untitled: Arlés del Río, «Untitled,» 2018, from the series Plastic Surgery, at El Apartamento
Courtesy El Apartamento


Thursday, December 6–Sunday, December 9 

At Pulse, head to the South Tent for the “Solo” section, where exhibitors spotlight one of their represented artists. For Coates & Scarry, this year’s artist is Armando Mariño. 


Thursday, December 6–Sunday, December 9

Here are some of the standouts for Cuban art at this year’s ABMB.

Miami’s own Fredric Snitzer Gallery (Stand A10) will feature work by Enrique Martínez Celaya and Tomás Esson.

And in Art Basel’s “Kabinett” section, Snitzer is presenting Redo, an installation work by Alexandre Arrechea. The installation includes six watercolors and seven pieces of polychrome wood arranged on the floor.

Alexandre Arrechea, «Mist,» 2018, on view in the Kabinett section of ABMB, presented by Fredric Snitzer Gallery
Courtesy Fredric Snitzer Gallery

Arrechea’s work is also on view at Fredric Snitzer Gallery, where Alexandre Arrechea: Uninhabited Order presents three large-scale watercolors, a sculpture, and an installation.

At ABMB, Arrechea is also featured at Nara Roesler Gallery (B106).

For many years, Zurich-based Peter Kilchmann Gallery (Stand C21), represented Los Carpinteros. Now, in the wake of the group’s dissolution earlier this year, the gallery is presenting Los Emblemas, a series of wall sculptures by Dagoberto Rodríguez, one of Los Carpinteros’ founding members. Resembling Art Deco–style logos of old American cars, the sculptures highlight a selection of words and phrases commonly spoken in Cuba or utilized in official government statements over the past 60 years.

Dagoberto Rodríguez, «Patria v Muerte,» 2018, from the Los Emblemas series
Courtesy the artist and Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich

Works by Zilia Sánchez and Ana Mendieta are among the pieces showcased by Galerie Lelong (Stand F12). Untitled Estructura (Blue) (2007/2016), a sculptural work by Carmen Herrera, is on view at Lisson Gallery (Stand G23).

Carmen Herrera, «Untitled Estructura (Blue),» 2007/2016, at Lisson Gallery at ABMB
Courtesy Lisson Gallery

Though they were unconfirmed as this story went online, other ABMB stands to check for Cuban art include Lehmann Maupin (Stand G24 ) for work by Teresita Fernández . . . Galería Elba Benítez (D17) for Carlos Garaicoa . . . Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel (C25) . . . Mai 36 Galerie (F10) . . . Rhona Hoffman Gallery (F27) . . . and in the ABMB “Editions” section, ULAE (Universal Limited Art Editions, G14).