At Galería Habana: Yoan Capote, Burocrático

Iván and Yoan Capote in Havana. When it comes to artistic inspiration, linguistics may not be the first topic that springs to mind. But spoken and written words are the muses behind a joint exhibition by artist brothers Iván and Yoan Capote. On view at Galeria Habana, Fonemas y Morfemas (Phonemes and Morphemes), is composed of two individual exhibitions.Yoan Capote’s Fonemas explores the sounds and the silences that arise from the act of communication, while Iván Capote’s Morfemas focuses on written words, symbolically altering and manipulating our reading of them. Part I opened last week and will remain on view through December 31; Part II runs January 11 through February 29.

Tomás Sánchez in Miami. 
Though his canvases can command upwards of $800,000 at auction, for acclaimed artist Tomás Sánchez, the focus has shifted to photography—at least for the moment. A debut exhibition of his recent photographs, taken along the Pacific coastline of Costa Rica, is currently on view at the Jorge M. Sori Fine Art gallery in Coral Gables. For Sánchez, the differences between the two media are clear. “When I paint, I lose myself in time,” he remarked in a recent interview, but behind the camera, “I have to race against time, because the light won’t last the way I’m seeing it right now, or a wave comes in and goes out before I can capture it.” The exhibition runs through December 20.

Emilio Sánchez in the Bronx.
 Last year, the Bronx Museum of the Arts was one of four museums in the U.S. to receive a selection of works by the artist, courtesy of the Emilio Sánchez Foundation. Now, the museum is midway through a yearlong exhibition of the gift: 25 oil paintings and works on paper depicting commercial buildings in the Hunts Point area of the South Bronx. Done in the artist’s characteristic style, with bright, saturated hues and sharply defined architecture, they’re a colorful take on what’s usually thought of as a gritty urban district. Urban Archives: Emilio Sánchez in the Bronx also includes photographs and other archival materials assembled by the artist. On view through June 17.