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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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A Selection of Our Past Stories

Update: Crossroads in Miami, Mosquera in Italy, and President Carter Drops...

Cuban artists join their Caribbean colleagues at the Pérez, Gerardo Mosquera gets “Lost in Landscape” in Rovereto, Habitar, Construir sets up shop in Cádiz, Artification applies scientific method in Madrid, Chaos and Identity take hold in Massachusetts, and President Jimmy Carter pays a call on Manhattan’s 8th Floor.

Havana Bienal Preview: “Behind the Wall,” Part Two

In Part One of this two-part series, Cuban Art News spoke with the organizer and chief curator of Detrás del muro (Behind the Wall), the director of the Cuban Arts Project, Juan Delgado Calzadilla, and previewed several of the works in this ambitious public art project, which will take place along Havana’s oceanside promenade during the Bienal in May. Here, we continue our advance look at works in Behind the Wall.

Mario Coyula: “You have to build good, visible projects”

Mario Coyula, an essential figure in Cuban thinking on architecture and urbanism, died one year ago today. On this anniversary, Cuban Art News shares one of his final interviews, conducted by journalist Maya Quiroga for a documentary in progress.

Servando Cabrera Moreno: Eroticism, Revolution, Folk Arts

This month, the artist Servando Cabrera Moreno would have been 90 years old. Housed in the Villa Lita, the Servando Cabrera Moreno Library Museum preserves his multifaceted legacy. Museum director Lourdes Alvarez and curator Rosemary Rodríguez talk with Maya Quiroga Paneque about the artist and the museum.

Laughing Matters: A Short History of Political Satire in Cuba

While Janet Batet’s article on the exhibition Playing the Fool considers Abela’s El Bobo and his contemporary descendants in Cuban art, satire did not start with El Bobo’s appearance in 1926. As a companion to her article on Playing the Fool, here is Batet’s brief history of political satire on the island.

Update: Finalé in Havana, Quintana in NYC, Leyva Novo in Arizona,...

Sandra Ramos opens a solo show in Miami, Aluna Art Foundation inaugurates a new home, and two Cuban-born artists are part of the new Whitney Museum’s first show. The island’s organic farming is a hit on the US film circuit, and Teresita Fernández prepares an installation for Madison Square Park.

Tania Bruguera on Untitled (Havana, 2000)

This past Saturday, February 3, the Museum of Modern Art opened Tania Bruguera: Untitled (Havana, 2000). At a media event last week, a conversation between the artist and two MoMA curators offered insights into the piece, its presentation at MoMA, and the process of bringing a radical work of performance art into a major museum collection.

Update: Gottardi, Campos-Pons, Mabel Poblet, Glenda Léon, Pablo Cano & Carlos...

Hurricane Matthew may have postponed some of the weekend’s events, but the art season continues in full swing in Havana and South Florida—with additions in London, Madrid, New York, and Washington, DC.

Media Watch: More Cuban Art and Artists in the News

The art world’s summer slowdown hasn’t affected media coverage of Cuban art and artists. In this round-up: Coco Fusco, Teresita Fernández, The Miami Generation, Beyond the Supersquare, and more.


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