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A Selection of Our Past Stories

The “New” Cuban Cinema Turns 55

Havana film historian Luciano Castillo celebrates the Cuban Institute of Film Art and Industry (ICAIC) with a special program surveying 55 years of “new” Cuban cinema.

An Essential Book on Cuban Painter Carlos Enríquez

Written by Juan A. Martínez, a Miami-based scholar of modern Latin American art, Carlos Enríquez, The Painter of Cuban Ballads delves into the life and work of one of the island’s most renowned artists.

Bienal Snapshot: Alexandre Arrechea’s “El rostro de la nación”

As part of the exhibition "Obsessions and Accumulations: The Cabinet of the Artist," Arrechea premiered the latest in his explorations of African-inspired abstract masks.

Solid Abstraction: Bringing Cuban Abstract Art into the 21st Century

Featuring works by 10 Cuban artists on the island and abroad, Solid Abstraction: Strategies of Disobedience in Cuban Art explores contemporary uses of abstract art as both “an act of disobedience” and a continuation of a decades-long tradition in Cuban art. Janet Batet reflects on the exhibition organized by Aldeide Delgado.

Miami Art Week Preview, Part 1: Museums and Galleries

With the start of Art Week just days away, we kick off our annual guide with a look at Cuban art in Miami-area museums and galleries. Next: Cuban art at the fairs.

New Filmmakers, New Aesthetics in the Cuban Cinema

In late February, Havana hosted the 10th Muestra de Jóvenes Realizadores (Young Filmmakers Exhibition). An annual event for Cuban alternative cinema, promoted by the Instituto Cubano de Arte y Industria Cinematográficos (ICAIC), the exhibition featured film screenings and visual arts and film poster competitions. Film critic Frank Padrón shares his impressions of this year’s exhibition with Cuban Art News.

Update: Garaicoa in Bulgaria & Benin, Cruz Azaceta in Panama City,...

Carlos Garaicoa opens a solo show in Sofia and takes part in the first art biennale in Benin. Abel Barroso goes bicoastal, Luis Cruz Azaceta opens in Panama City, Guerra de la Paz continues in Long Island City, and New York auction houses prepare for next week’s Latin American sales.

“Unforgettable:” Obama, Raúl, and Alexis Esquivel’s Chronicle of Hope

The handshake between Barack Obama and Raúl Castro last December rippled throughout the world’s media. In the wake of yesterday's historic resumption of official relations between Cuba and the US, Abelardo Mena, Havana editor for Cuban Art News, offers a meditation on Alexis Esquivel's painting of the event.

Gary Nader Launches New Miami Auction Venture on December 1

With thousands of international collectors in town for Art Basel Miami Beach, gallerist and collector Gary Nader is hosting a major auction of modern, contemporary and Latin American art next Thursday, December 1. The sale includes works by Picasso, Lichtenstein, Basquiat, Warhol—and five modern and contemporary Cuban artists.


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